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Fasting is considered by most biological medical doctors as the fastest and the most effective therapeutic method of remedying high blood pressure. At the Buchinger Clinic in Bad Pyrmont, Dr. Otto Buchinger stated that high blood pressure is the one ailment for which fasting practically never fails to bring about a complete cure.

He stressed, however, that tobacco is highly injurious to the patient with high blood pressure and advised a total abstinence from smoking.

In Swedish biological clinics practitioners have had the same experience. Ebba Waerland has supervised hundreds of fast cures and reports that high blood pressure is “cured automatically” through fasting and Waerland dietetic therapy.

A case history of lowered blood pressure

Here is one case from Sweden. Mrs. E. P., 44, suffered from high blood pressure for 15 years. In spite of various medical treatments, her pressure continued to climb, and in 1966 it was up to 240. She started her biological treatments in July, 1966, with a ten-day fast on the alkaline juices of fruits and vegetables and vegetable broth.* While fasting she was given an enema morning and evening, plus colonic irrigation twice a week. After ten days of fasting, she was given a salt-free diet of fresh fruits for breakfast, and raw vegetable salad with homemade soured milk and boiled potatoes for lunch and dinner. Bread, butter and cheese were not allowed, except small amounts of fresh homemade cottage cheese. After two weeks on this diet she was again put on juice fasting for ten more days. I met Mrs. E. P. on the ninth day of the second fast. Her blood pressure had been checked the day before and was down to 137. It had been at that level a whole week. She told me that she felt great, and planned to leave the clinic and go home the following week. She enjoyed her new lacto-vegetarian diet and planned to continue with it at home.

Also in the United States many clinics and nature-cure practitioners have employed fasting very successfully in the treatment of high blood pressure. At Pawling Health Manor, in New York, Dr. R. Cross reported 54 high blood pressure cases treated by fasts between 1957 and 1963. Of these, 38 cases recovered completely and 16 improved. Dr. James McEachen, of Escondido, California, has supervised 141 fasts on patients with high blood pressure at his sanatorium, and reported that all 141 cases were remedied or improved— also a 100 percent result. Similar results are reported from Herbert M. Shelton’s Clinic in Texas and Dr. W. L. Esser’s Clinic in Florida. Dr. Shelton reported one case in which three weeks of fasting dropped the systolic pressure from 295 to 115.

The general opinion of all practitioners who employ fasting in the treatment of high blood pressure, is that patients who do not respond to the customary treatments, do respond to fasting. Moreover, the cures accomplished by fasting tend to be lasting—provided that good nutritional habits are maintained after the fast.


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